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The Egyptian Journal of Experimental Biology (Botany) publishes original scientific research concerning botanical sciences (Morphology, Taxonomy, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Physiology, Ecology and Cytology). It is published two times a year by The Scientific Research Council of The Egyptian Society of Experimental Biology. The journal provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of experimental biology.

2023, Vol: 19, Issue: 2

Egypt. J. Exp. Biol. (Bot.). Year: 2023, Volume: 19

    Original Research
  1. Screening and optimization of cellulolytic activity of local microbial isolates in the Egyptian Delta region.
    Anwer S.M. El-Badry, Reham R. Shohoud, maha M. Azab,
    . 2023; 19(2): 125-139
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/egyjebb.20230612120612

  2. Original Research
  3. Molecular characterization of enterotoxin and antibiotic resistance genes-producing Staphylococcus aureus derived from imported meat: Artemisia herbā€alba extract as an antibacterial agent
    Shimaa El-Sapagh, Mohamed O. Abdel-Monem, Esraa Badr, Mohamed H. Yassine, Nesma Elsayed, Awad Y. Shala,
    . 2023; 19(2): 141-153
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/egyjebb.20230607015627

  4. Original Research
  5. Exploring the antibacterial and antioxidant potentials of some Egyptian wild plant species.
    Mohamed Aldamanhoury, Khalil Saad-Allah, Samya Shabana, Maha Azab
    . 2023; 19(2): 155-166
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/egyjebb.20230709064439

  6. Original Research
  7. Antibacterial activity of Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) extract against Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella typhimurium: An In Vitro Study
    Majdah Mohamed Al-Tuwaijri, Sayed M. S. Abo El-Souad
    . 2023; 19(2): 167-177
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/egyjebb.20230921012834

  8. Original Research
  9. Molecular identification of Halophilic Microorganisms producing Exo-Halozymes by a culture-dependent approach from the North Sinai Solar saltern
    Naglaa F Elshafey , Aya A Elkashef, Hend A Hamedo, Mohamed A. I. Mansour
    . 2023; 19(2): 187-195
    » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/egyjebb.20220726105555